FAQS and PYO etiquette

Kemps farm is a working farm, with farmers and farm vehicles working alongside the pick your own. For health and safety reasons, please do not stray away from the PYO site, or any parts within in that are currently not open for picking.

Remember you are visiting a farm, all fruit picking is outdoors and we cannot control the weather! Please dress appropriately with sensible footwear and suitable outer clothing, particularly if it has rained recently. The ground underfoot can be uneven and irrigation pipes are located at various points around the fields so please watch your step.

Please respect our farm, fields and crops. To prevent crop damage please do not step on the plants or fruit. Please do not throw or drop the fruit. Please do not leave rubbish.

Please do not feed any of the animals you may see. Animals can get seriously ill by eating the wrong things.

Is there an entry charge?

At Horsforth PYO entry tickets must be booked in advance online.  This allows us to limit visitor numbers, ensure sufficient car parking, social distancing and also crop availability which varies throughout the season depending on visitors picking habits and the weather. For Barton-le-Street PYO currently there is no admission charge.

What produce do you have available and when?

In the summer PYO strawberries and raspberries. In October PYO Pumpkins. As all the fruit is grown outdoors the season is weather dependent so the opening times and dates do differ each year. For the Christmas season we sell Yorkshire grown Christmas trees and our farm reared free range Bronze turkeys.

Do you provide punnets/baskets?

We provide small and large punnets/baskets. These hold approximately 1Kg or 3Kg fruit depending how full you fill them! You don’t have to fill them! We advise If you are not eating all your fruit as soon as you get home, then it is best to empty the punnets into a larger container so the fruit is more spread out and keep refrigerated.

How do you charge for the fruit?

You pay for all the fruit that you pick, so please only pick what you are prepared to pay for. Strawberries and raspberries are sold by weight and your punnets of fruit are weighed at the exit to the picking fields. Please keep your strawberries and raspberries in separate punnets.  Pumpkins are charged by size.

Can I eat the fruit in field?

No, this is unacceptable. All fruit must be paid for before eating. In addition this is for health and hygiene reasons.

What varieties of fruit do you grow and why?

We grow around a dozen different varieties of strawberries and 3 varieties of raspberries – details of the varieties are available at the farm. This enables us to extend the picking season as they ripen naturally at different times over the summer. We select varieties that are happy to live in the Yorkshire climate and are full of flavour. They are not selected for shelf life as no food miles are involved. We also grow around a dozen different varieties of pumpkins to give you a choice of size, colour, warty skin etc and almost all varieties are good to eat as well as carve.

Is the farm suitable for buggies/wheelchairs?

Yes for certain types, but please bear the following in mind – Once in the picking fields it is all ‘off road’ and the ground can be uneven and so a bit bumpy. If it has been wet, the buggy/chair may get wet/muddy. For the strawberries planted directly into the ground the buggy/wheelchair cannot go between the rows of fruit as there is insufficient space so would damage the crops, but can be pushed at the crop perimeter. Customers in wheelchairs would be able to go along the rows of table top strawberries and pick, so please contact us beforehand to ensure these plants are available for picking. The table top strawberries are a distance from the entrance/exit.

Are dogs allowed?

Sorry not in the picking fields for hygiene reasons.

Do you have toilet facilities?

Portable toilets are available at Horsforth PYO.

Should I wear wellies?

You are visiting a farm so it’s always a good excuse! We always recommend wearing sensible outdoor shoes/trainers as the trail around the picking fields is a reasonable distance to walk. If it has been wet wellies or sensible outdoor shoes are always recommended. The grass may be wet and possibly muddy in places.

Do you have a shop?

We have a small shop selling hot and cold drinks and snacks, ice creams, our own farm jam etc.

What else is there to do?

We have a small children’s play area and some farm animals to see. Tractor and trailer rides are available In Horsforth around the picking fields at an extra cost, subject to Covid restrictions.

Do you accept card payment?

Yes, contactless is preferred, but we also accept cash.